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What name do you want to be referred to as?

You may call me Nick, for now. My name is frequently in flux, depending on my gender and where I am and who I'm around at any given time, but Nick is a good safe bet.

What is your 'kin type?

I'm both elf and therian. The particular flavour of therian I am is currently in question, due to some recent self-doubt, but I'm a canid and usually go with wolf (the other option is coyote, I'm having some unexpected trouble with identity). I'm hoping to find some people here who can help me find the right questions to ask myself in order to get this resolved, actually. My variety of elf is less Tolkien and more fae.

How long have you been awakened?
Describe your awakening experience.

I awakened in my very early teens, if not sooner, if I recall correctly, so...about ten years ago, give or take. I was in a LotR phase, and while I was searching for ways to decorate my room to look more elvish, I stumbled upon Elven Realities. I started browsing, and everything just made sense. I'd always, ever since I was a child, seen my ears as pointed in mirrors, and got into fights with classmates defending the idea that a person could be "an elf disguised as a human" or a werewolf who didn't change forms at the full moon, and I'd never felt quite right in my body, but I never thought to put it all together until then. I dove in headfirst, reading every article and journal I could, then quietly slipped out again once I felt more settled. It's only been recently, upon making friends with a delightful kitsune who's my first IRL 'kin friend, that I've felt the urge to return to the community as a whole.

As an added note, I'm also very interested in glamourbombing, although the glamourbombing community kind of went to a weird place a long time ago and I jumped ship when it became all random acts of kindness and sparkles.
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