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Hello all! I recently started up a joint otherkin/therian/animal-folk blog geared towards generating discussion, and topics that aren't addressed nearly often enough in the community. It's called Beyond Awakening. The Dreamwidth feed for it can be found here. I and hopefully some of the other contributors will be posting writing challenges from time to time, and I've linked to [community profile] otherkin as one place to post response pieces (if that's okay!).

As an example, here's the most recent writing challenge, The Experiential Other:

On otherkin forums and websites, I've seen a lot of writing about what it means to be demon-kin, detailed descriptions of various elven homeworlds and histories, and explanations of angelic rank and battle. I've heard much theorizing about why and how otherkin exist. I've seen descriptions of and comparisons between different types of dragons.

All of this is often quite interesting, but what I'm eager to see is what it's like to be dragon: here, now, in a human body. I want to know how elfness manifests in this life. I want to understand, just a little, the tactile, emotional, day-to-day experiences of angel-kin.

I see such writings often in the therianthropy community: vivid experiential accounts, like this piece on animal and fear by Quil, or this depiction of a shift towards an insect by Earwig, or my own vignette of a hike with a feline-girl and a changeling-boy. I almost never see anything similar from the broader otherkin community. And I want to.

Is your otherness more than memory? Does it affect how you see the world, your mental states, behaviors, thought-patterns? Do you ever have sensory, immediate, present experiences of being other?

Here is my challenge to you: Show me what it's like. Share a taste of your experiential reality.
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[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith mentioned in a previous post that she's doing a poetry fishbowl. The current one is about "DNA, genetic engineering, and evolution."

In that line of thinking, I thought I'd throw this out as sort of discussion fodder:

How do you think Otherkin came about? Don't be afraid to go into detail (I don't think DreamWidth has a word count limit to their comments, so go for it).


May. 28th, 2009 04:45 pm
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Alright, so it's kind of quiet, so let's see if we can get a little conversation going with a prompt.

Describe yourself.

This wasn't really covered in the intro template, so we'll use it as a conversation piece.

Many Otherkin feel they have nonphysical aspects about themselves. Perhaps they have wings, or they look at their hands and expect paws. Or maybe they know the color of their fur. Some even take the shape of their non-human side when in the non-physical world(s).

What is your perception of yourself? Does this manifest physically (perhaps you've been described as having an elf-like look), or is it a perception/astral manifestation?

You can answer in a comment here or as a new post.



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