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I'll start with something: I am interested in singing, overtone, rock and roll, mantras, whatever and spend time with some actual famous musicians now and again but I don't sing with them fulltime or anything (although I am moving closer to some of the people so maybe we can hang out more regularly). I got electrocuted a few years back which sort of wiped out the special/psychic abilities that I had, but I am interested in healing, tarot, 'kin stuff, and would like to get to a gather one of these days (have to be east coast, since travel is getting harder in general sometimes). What else? I am not multiple and seem to be one of the few folks I know who doesn't think s/he is--I'm Tibetan Buddhist for ten-plus years and have been pagan for a couple-few decades, longtime vegetarian. I have been into costuming and sewing and read a lot of older scifi/fantasy. I have been a therapist for a lot of folks with many forms of 'spiritual emergency', possession states, manifesting multiple stuff, severe reactions to stress, etc., and used to be able to see and perceive release ghosts and energies and all, but that skill has slacked off since I got cooked, although psychics etc. say I haven't lost any skills (it's so restful though!!). Anything else, please feel free to ask--and please write little things so we can know who those are who want to take part--thanks. This is just my spontaneous effort, so if you have other ideas, please do it!
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I checked with the moderator here, who gave permission for me to post asking if folks here would like to more actively friend each other. I do not know what is helpful: maybe those interested could post a reply to this comment, or individual posts describing their interests and what they are looking for, or something else that works for them.

I am always happy to have new friends, especially those interested in 'kin stuff, and I miss the sheer volume and level of activity that used to be on lj. Please let us know if you are interested in participating, and if you have ideas to make this helpful. Thanks!



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