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Created on 2009-05-04 13:47:01 (#273449), last updated 2017-08-23 (4 weeks ago)

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Community description:A community for those who identify as Other
Welcome to Otherkin. This is an open community for Otherkin and 'kin friendly.

Upon joining, feel free to introduce yourself. Some things to consider including in your introductory post:

What name do you want to be referred to as?
What is your 'kin type?
How long have you been awakened?
Describe your awakening experience.
If you're non-kin, what brought you here?

Bear in mind, this is an open community, which means membership is not moderated and posts are public by default. If you are not comfortable with that, you are welcome to join the sister community Otherkin_haven, which has moderated membership. (Note: you are welcome to join both.)

Some rules:

1. Be mature. It's alright to take issue with something someone says, but if you do, make sure you are attacking the content and not the person. Remember that what's posted here is often something that is very personal and close to the poster's heart. You don't have to baby others, but don't be a jackass, either.

2. Do not delete or screen posts others have left. If you are not a moderator, that is not your call. If you take issue with a comment someone has left, contact a moderator and we will look into it.

3. Stay on topic. We don't need to be hearing about your day at the beach, unless there's a story in it about your phantom wings. As a consideration to all members, please stay on topic.

4. Don't ask us to tell you what you are. What you are can only be determined by you. If you are confused, you are welcome to ask questions to help you figure yourself out, but we cannot tell you what you are.

5. Tag your entries. Tagging your entries are highly encouraged, especially if they're informational. Some tags will be provided to get you started.
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adnarel, aerin, aevie, akkadu, alexlawps, amorphousartisan, anarchyopteryx, andros_b, arawnbheur, arcturus_angel, arethinn, ashenwings, athousandstars, augurscattered, avalanche, blackstatic, blanket_ghost, blessedbran, bloodmoonblues, bloodstone_angel, booksofafeather, brokenmirror, brutal, burningbright, call_me_l, caseym, cavefelem, celticfire, chalcedony_px4, charcoalfeathers, child_of_the_fae, cirape, citrakayah, crazy_raccoon, d_elen, darkshapes, deep_in_water, derwen, desertroot, dinogrrl, dragonwolf, dreams_of_starlight, dreamsifter, eliiot, eloria_ithilwen, elven_ranger, enotsola, eponalyre, fayanora, felkes, feralboys, florian_flourishes, flybyopenwater, forever_green, frameacloud, geobytes, gryphesgallia, hera, hermeticdog, horsekin, houseofchimeras, infinitestarcollective, iophiel, irish_dragon, isah, jadesprite, jarandhel, jewelfox, kierawilson, lilth, lizardpunk, loconita, mariangel, meirya, mesh_mask, metapianycist, mikhto, monstermayhem, moonlit_cove, moonlitlily, moth_wings, nightshade81, nokturnel, of_salfarro, orionsystem, ouija, paleo, paradise_found, pari, passeri, petitehooves, polariswynter, predikit, qualium, raph, raspberry_moonlight, redheadturkey, rein, releasethebattleraven, remiel, roguesareth, rosefae, sakurablossom, saltwater_blood, scatteredshells, serpentine, sofiakrieger, soullesssingularity, stargazerlily, static_hiss, strive4balance, svaenohr, tala_wolf, that_darn_elf, the_goblin_king, thelinesoflearning, theplushfrog, thequietworld, thereckless, thetruthbetween, tidepools, tiger_eyes, timidtwilight, tragedy_virus, unicorn_kitty, unseeliescribe, usefuladvice, violettawilde, wh1sper, windingway, wolf_elvyn, ysabetwordsmith, zahdi, zeeth_kyrah
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