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I originally wrote this for my personal blog, but I felt there might also be some benefit in cross posting this.

I hate to draw from role playing terms to describe real world phenomenon, largely because it can distract the issue and overall confuse matters. However the RP game changeling has a fascinating concept that I see rarely talked about that I have experienced and feel has at least some relation to the real thing. They call it banality.

Now banality as White Wolf describes it is effectively the antithesis of dreaming and creativity. In the game as a result of exposure to banality the character can receive damage and ill effects. With sufficiently high levels of banality it can even destroy the characters soul.

Now as with many things from White Wolf they are dramatized extremes, but there is something relatively similar. Unfortunately I don't have an effective word for it except mundaneness and that doesn't really convey the feeling very well. This similar experience can somewhat be summarized as the experience of being in such a different culture from your own that the dissonance it forms becomes destructive mentally, spiritually, or even physically(in the form of stress response) to the person.

More specifically than this is that I often experience this sensation while at work(I work in a very corporate/mundane environment). I find that it does seem to be correlative to some degree on how spiritually attuned or invested the people I am around are. As cliche as it is the more artistic/creative stuff going on in general the less I experience this as well. I also have found that it seems to have a broad impact on me and makes it more difficult to analyze.

Quite frankly though it seems quite difficult to escape banality or even to appropriately address it to recover appropriately. About the best thing I've managed in dealing with it is trying to keep the space I live in away from work as creative and sustaining as I can, but this is only effective in a limited capacity. More it just softens the blow a little.

Has anyone else experienced something along these lines? How would you describe your experiences with it? Finally if you do experience this, how do you address these issues in your life?

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What name do you want to be referred to as?

What is your 'kin type?
-I am trying to figure this one out mainly because my soul's bloodline is a combination of a few things due to how my soul was created. For the most part, the three things I identify as because of my creation is angelkin, vampyrkin, and blackcatkin or felinekin? These three things are very sacred to me because of my souls history

How long have you been awakened?
-For more than a few years now. I over the years found out my identities from a family relation in another realm in the spirit plane.

Describe your awakening experience.
-My awakening experience really and truly began years before my awakening time, I say this because the family relation I met was on a Ouija board. And it grew from there over the course of years discovering pieces because my mind was recovering from hospitalization for being thought mentally ill for having interactions with spirits. My vampyrkin-self unfolded through dreams of my past life, as well as my angelkin-self. I would astral dream to my soul home a lot. My felinekin is the self that shows the most. I often have a lot of kinfeels relation to these three and during my awakening it  felt so strange to realize that when it felt like I was laying on my wings for the first time, or my ears or tail moving, or when getting angered my phantom fangs would pop out, and the knowing that my eyes turn red when angry. And normally baby pink when not angered. The eye color is really a mental awareness. I am not trying to look special at all... I actually feel like a magical mess. These are things I feel and things that have shaped my spiritual beliefs. These kinselves made me who I am in this particular life. I just really want to go home where I feel I belong the most. I have these specific kintypes explained better on my page that it would probably make a bit more sense than what I put here. I wanted to just summarize things. So I fully and deeply apologize. 

I was led to this group by Sareth. :3

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   OMG! Might be the best description of this fantastic event. Although some of the planning wasn't perfect we actually had a fantastic time. Not only did everyone that came together completely enjoy each other's company but the entire group plans to do it again. We will hold another gather this winter, 2012. Date and the Event name will be announced soon.

There were a few similarities in the group that are only loosely connected to their kin type, if at all. Most of the group were either cisfemale, transwoman, genderqueer, or a mixture of them. There was an underlying energy of feminine, that was very nice. Then of course all of us were otherkin, but there were no elves (oddly enough) There were all sorts of other, including therians, but no elves. Then there was one very important similarity, all of us were cast aside by others in the past. Shunned. dismissed. Together we dislike that energy so much that we brought in the opposite - an inclusive space. Something I have only dreamed of since my very first kin gather. A gather where a group of kin come together and work to understand and accept each other for enlightenment, not for any other reason. WOW, it happened... seriously.

Even with the heat of the summer, the AC was on and most of us piled inside. It seemed each time we tried to go outside it would storm and push us all back in. Interestingly though after one faerie was able to create an amazing dragon to be hung above the group alter. Then the entire place began to dance with each other. It was amazing to watch the shy open up with beautiful smiles and amazing conversation. Each element of the Faehaven was used. The divination table, the community kitchen, the trade table, the group alter, the snuggle room, the costume closet and the open sexuality room had various amounts of activity throughout the day. The yard provided play room for all and frankly the space was so flowing I am only making one small change for the winter gather - and that's a discussion board. More on that later.

This event brought together some very unusual folks that truly enjoyed each others company.... Don't fit in anywhere else? Come to the gather, you likely will - ha ha! 

Facebook : Faehaven (Otherkin Safehouse)
OtherWiki:  Faehaven (Otherkin Safehouse)
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 Dreamhaven is a new otherkin gather to be held in July 2012, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at Faehaven. The event is focused on the expression and exploration of our inner most kinship in a setting that has convenient access for all. The event will allow for a place of kin expression in a safe environment among other kin. The expression of your own kin will be combined with other kin at the gather and together we will explore the meanings of otherkin.

July 27th, 28th, 29th in Harrisburg, PA at Faehaven

This event is for all otherkin - regardless of species, experience, or self expression of any kind. The host and the entire event is completely inclusive. We welcome otherkin, therians, furries, all expressions of gender/sexuality, dark/light creatures of all sorts, humans, and anyone that is interested in exploring and expressing themselves within a safe space full of support and understanding. Faehaven is a sanctuary that welcomes all - this is a neutral zone - everyone is safe here. We can meet each other, support each other, teach and share our experiences in a safe place that has no right or wrong answers. We can play, discuss, explore, and express ourselves all weekend at Dreamhaven.

Although the event in itself is free flowing we have had a few individuals step up to guide workshops about various otherkin related discussions or activities. First of all rememeber that Faehaven encourages costuming by offering a costume closet, there will also be a play fire circle where everyone is encouraged to express themselves with music, drumming, dancing, spinning, hooping, story telling, singing, etc. There is also a divination station where you can choose to share divination items and everyone is encouraged to trade divination readings. There are two Trading spaces (Recycling Centers) where you can give away things that no longer serve you and trade for things that spark your interest now. One is outside and the other is inside for weather sensitive items. There will be a group hearth/alter both inside and out where you add a piece that represents you. Where as a group we can bring our energy together for support and community. Faehaven also provides space for those that choose to express themselves in a snuggle room (no sex but puppy piles are welcomed) and inside the sexuality realm that is in private and behind closed doors. Everyone is welcomed to make their own choices about where they particiapate at any given time during the event. No sexual pressure, only safe space to express it if you choose.

Please keep in mind that Faehaven is completely open to any other workshops/elements being added as desired.

=== Friday === (Playtime around Faehaven is encouraged in between things)

A theoretical discussion of why otherkin exist and what our purpose, if any, might be.

Dancing with the FireFlies- just as the sun is going down the fireflies come out to do a dance. We will dance with them with a lovely soundtrack of nature's transition and drumming. We will awaken our kin self from within, bring it forth and tuck away the mundane.

Group Meal

Fire Playground- let's play together, bring musical instruments, dancing gear, wear costumes, bring stories and songs, bring spinning toys, bubbles, and hoola hoops.

=== Saturday === (Playtime around Faehaven is encouraged in between things)

ReUse and Upcycle - Let's get our hands dirty and let's build something from "saved trash" to express our kinself. For some of this it would be wings, staff, a piece for an alter, ears, talisman, art, or whatever else you can dream of.

Afternoon Sweat - At the hight of the heated day those wishing to join us for an afternoon sweat are encouraged to join the group in a group movement where we use yoga and Tai Chi to flavor our movements in completely embodying our kin self. Expressing it together and even among each other and than later cooling off with a discussion about our experience.

Group Meal

Fire Playground Party - Come as you kin, play as your kin, and let's use all our tools.

Moonlight Howl - Come together to howl at the moon, flit about the garden and explore all the sights of darkness, offer light to our ancestors, and embody our kin self within the darkness.

=== Sunday ===(Playtime around Faehaven is encouraged in between things)

-Goodbye Discussion - Talk about what you took from the group, thank anyone that helped you, show appreciation for your experience, share hopes and joys.

-Plans for next year - Discussion of what and if we would want this or something else next year. Ideas and volunteers welcomed, let's create our own fantabulous time together.


Anyone is welcome to stay for a sweet ending on Sunday night that is completely random and playful. 

It is a smaller gathering, in the 20-30 people range. Attendance is $20 per person, which is being used to provide a meal plan of two hot meals on Friday and Saturday evenings. If you can't afford it, please contact us privately and we can offer a little work position like helping to clean up or prepare meals.


Jul. 10th, 2012 06:37 pm
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Hello! I go by EponaLyre on here, but I usually go by Kodama. I'm a unicorn otherkin, and the owner of Otherkinsight. I heard Dreamwidth is a good site, so I decided to try it out. It does seem to have a high otherkin population, and seems to be more active than LJ, and perhaps friendlier than Tumblr...

I've been in the otherkin community for years (about 8), and have identified as non-human since I was a kid. I have been working on sorting myself out for years, and probably will never have exact answers, but I believe my soul to be unicorn. I'm also cicada-hearted, and have some very "animal" mentalities, which may or may not indicate a bit of psychological therianthropy of some sort.

I'm a singer-lyricist, and a writer as well. I'm also a college student, and will likely be returning from a long hiatus this fall, and taking online courses for now, as I have social issues.

I'm largely here to meet others, get advice, and make friends. Apologies for the short introduction!
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So next Thursday and every thursday after that there will be "The Other Potluck" where all otherkin, furries, therians, and so on are welcome to join together. Welcome to everyone that is "other" or "other" friendly. It's free, just bring a snack to share with the group. Games, music, and performing will all be welcomed to share with each other each week. Drumming is available and an outside fire (inside in the winter time). There are resident animals and smoking will be outside. Everything else is negotiable.

Basic Information:

What: The Other Potluck
Where: Faehaven at 23rd & Derry St. area - Harrisburg, PA
When: Thursday nights 7pm
Who: Everyone that identifies as otherkin, furrie, therian, or is friendly with them
How: RSVP via email to strive4balance at g mail dot com asking for the address and letting us know your coming or interested in coming.
Bring: Food/Snack to share, games, instruments
Be aware: We have furry animals in the home so if you need allergy medication, take it/bring it

If this grows, we can meet at other places, have larger events, have themed nights, and any other ideas we can come up with.

Please share this post, especially if you know people in the Central PA area.


Apr. 27th, 2012 11:33 am
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How is everyone?

I am not going to repost my text wall here. It's on my own blog here at dreamwidth. I will just say that I am Sidhe, I am a former Marine. I am a student, with papers, in geology, my interests lie in the quaternary period. I am a student of Mythology and theology as well, but without papers. I currently work as a correctional officer hoping to return to school in the near future. Nice to meet peeps.
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Hello all! I recently started up a joint otherkin/therian/animal-folk blog geared towards generating discussion, and topics that aren't addressed nearly often enough in the community. It's called Beyond Awakening. The Dreamwidth feed for it can be found here. I and hopefully some of the other contributors will be posting writing challenges from time to time, and I've linked to [community profile] otherkin as one place to post response pieces (if that's okay!).

As an example, here's the most recent writing challenge, The Experiential Other:

On otherkin forums and websites, I've seen a lot of writing about what it means to be demon-kin, detailed descriptions of various elven homeworlds and histories, and explanations of angelic rank and battle. I've heard much theorizing about why and how otherkin exist. I've seen descriptions of and comparisons between different types of dragons.

All of this is often quite interesting, but what I'm eager to see is what it's like to be dragon: here, now, in a human body. I want to know how elfness manifests in this life. I want to understand, just a little, the tactile, emotional, day-to-day experiences of angel-kin.

I see such writings often in the therianthropy community: vivid experiential accounts, like this piece on animal and fear by Quil, or this depiction of a shift towards an insect by Earwig, or my own vignette of a hike with a feline-girl and a changeling-boy. I almost never see anything similar from the broader otherkin community. And I want to.

Is your otherness more than memory? Does it affect how you see the world, your mental states, behaviors, thought-patterns? Do you ever have sensory, immediate, present experiences of being other?

Here is my challenge to you: Show me what it's like. Share a taste of your experiential reality.



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