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I will spare everyone here the ranty post I made a few other places, but I'm sorry that, after my cautiously optimistic post earlier this morning extending registration, due to a development I only found out a few hours after making that post, I must announce MythiCalia has been cancelled.

At this time I am 99% sure I will never attempt a gather again. I am just too burned out on the stress and grief year after year.
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There's just one week to go until MythiCalia, and just three days left to register... registration will close on Sunday, September 23. There are still several spaces available!

If this message is perchance the first you have heard of this: This is a camping gather in Loma Mar, CA (SF Bay area). $55 per person for the whole weekend (Fri Sept 28 - Sun Sept 30). You can come on Thursday Sept 27 by booking one of our sites separately for yourself on Thursday night ($37 paid directly to the park).

The schedule is still in flux even this close to showtime - par for the course for 'kin gathers! I can't guarantee that everything shown on will actually happen, but it will give you an idea of the kinds of things we may do.
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There's now about 8 weeks left until the gather. Registration will go up from $45 per person to $55 per person on August 15! (Not for profit; just to help me recoup the cost of reserving the site.)

The more detailed schedule is beginning to shape up; you can see it here: The same topics mentioned earlier such as entering the mythic world, aspecting, seelie and unseelie courts, etc. are still there and some have been expanded on; also there have been a couple of additions such as a faery gate experiment and a possible scrying workshop.

A reminder that, though the official dates are Friday-Sunday, subject to availability you can also book one of the sites separately on Thursday night (if you are willing to pay the cost - there may also be someone to split with). I didn't book all the sites Thursday because I didn't think we'd use them, but I would be great to see more folks on Thursday.

So far we have 7 people registered and I think there will be 3 more soon (I have an email in my inbox I need to answer). I think we're up to 5 cars out of a limit of 16 (due to the site arrangements), so if you want to come, I encourage you to register as soon as you can to ensure a spot. It's OK if you can't pay right away when you register; so long as I *do* get the reg fee eventually it's all good.

Lastly, I've added an RSS feed for the news page: It's a tad primitive as I am hand-coding simple XML for it, but it seems to work, at least.
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With about 3 months to go, an update about MythiCalia.

(Brief info for those not already familiar with this event: September 28th-30th, 2012; near La Honda, CA; tent camping; $45/person until August 15, $55/person thereafter. See the website for full details.)

The following workshops have been proposed:

Energy work with the Seelie and Unseelie Courts
Planar travel and etiquette
Draestari history [Draestari are one of the so-called "Elenari" races of elves]
Aspecting: expressing the inner mythic being
Ritual for entering the mythic world

So far just one person besides myself and my husband is registered and paid, and I have workshop proposals but not yet a registration from one other person (who would have two more people in tow).

The low number is not that unusual for this early in the registration game, but I do want to point out that every person who says to themselves "well, I would go if there were more people" compounds the problem of there not being enough people! If you help the numbers out by registering, even if you think it's scanty, it will help things gain momentum. (And if it really turns out that the final headcount is not enough for your tastes I can always give you a refund.)

Also, tomorrow I will be going to check out a privately-owned campsite in the hopes that I can finally solve the problem of having to use public parks, which has been sub-optimal for us and, I think, part of the reason MythiCalia has so far failed to be as nifty as Walking the Thresholds. If I like the site, it will also be comparatively cheaper than the public parks have been. So stay tuned for developments on that front.
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Registration for this year's MythiCalia is open!

MythiCalia is a gathering for otherkin and similar mythical, majikal folk. All types of 'kin, such as elves, faeries, sidhe, unicorns, dragons, etc. are welcome, as well as the fey-touched or half-elven, and human "elf-friends" who are familiar with and friendly to otherkin. We also welcome therians, weres, or other animal-kin who share the mythic feel and spirit.

This year's gather will be held on September 28th-30th (with possibility of coming on the 27th) at a campsite near La Honda, California. The registration fee is $45 per person until August 15th and will go up to $55 per person afterwards.

Check out the website at for more details. Feel free to comment or PM me any questions. I hope to see you there!
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It is with regret I must announce that this year's MythiCalia has been cancelled due to lack of registrations.
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Man, time has slipped away from me... there's now six weeks left to register and a bit over five weeks until rates will go up! (I encourage people to register as early as possible since handling last-minute reg panic in the last week while I'm trying to get ready is kind of hard...) As mentioned previously, I think it's likely MythiCalia will go on indefinite hiatus after this year, so, last orders, everyone!
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Registration for this year's MythiCalia is now open. See the website at for more details. After a little thought I've decided to offer different rates for single overnight ($20) and single day trip ($10) as well as the $40 rate for the entire weekend (Thursday through Monday, Sept. 22-26). I'm considering retiring the event after this year (depending on turnout), so if you've ever wanted to come, this could be your last chance!
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This year's MythiCalia will be held on September 23rd-26th (Thurs-Sun) at a location north of Mount Hamilton, a bit southeast of the San Francisco Bay area. Both tent camping and cabin spaces are available and we'll have a variety of workshops/discussions/etc. as well as time to just hang around. The reg fee for the whole event is $36 for tent or $66 for cabin space. You can check out the website at for more details or just email me any questions. I hope to see you there!



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