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What name do you want to be referred to as?

You may call me Nick, for now. My name is frequently in flux, depending on my gender and where I am and who I'm around at any given time, but Nick is a good safe bet.

What is your 'kin type?

I'm both elf and therian. The particular flavour of therian I am is currently in question, due to some recent self-doubt, but I'm a canid and usually go with wolf (the other option is coyote, I'm having some unexpected trouble with identity). I'm hoping to find some people here who can help me find the right questions to ask myself in order to get this resolved, actually. My variety of elf is less Tolkien and more fae.

How long have you been awakened?
Describe your awakening experience.

I awakened in my very early teens, if not sooner, if I recall correctly, so...about ten years ago, give or take. I was in a LotR phase, and while I was searching for ways to decorate my room to look more elvish, I stumbled upon Elven Realities. I started browsing, and everything just made sense. I'd always, ever since I was a child, seen my ears as pointed in mirrors, and got into fights with classmates defending the idea that a person could be "an elf disguised as a human" or a werewolf who didn't change forms at the full moon, and I'd never felt quite right in my body, but I never thought to put it all together until then. I dove in headfirst, reading every article and journal I could, then quietly slipped out again once I felt more settled. It's only been recently, upon making friends with a delightful kitsune who's my first IRL 'kin friend, that I've felt the urge to return to the community as a whole.

As an added note, I'm also very interested in glamourbombing, although the glamourbombing community kind of went to a weird place a long time ago and I jumped ship when it became all random acts of kindness and sparkles.
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What name do you want to be referred to as?
Anja. It's my legal name too. c:

What is your 'kin type?
Like my username says, I'm horsekin. To be specific I am a Peruvian Paso. Like their name suggests they're a breed of domestic horse from Peru... Which sometimes makes me feel very off, since I'm from Switzerland.

How long have you been awakened?
I would say a few years... Maybe since mid-2011. 

Describe your awakening experience.
I have always felt something was "wrong" with me when people talked about being human, human society, humanity... And I've always felt much more comfortable and safer with animals that weren't human, and especially horses. Of course I never heard of therian or otherkin before... Until I made a tumblr to try and meet more English speaking equestrians. (The tumblr equestrian community is quite large!) And I happened upon a blogger who spoke about being a "horse therian", which led to me finding even more otherkin/therian activist blogs, and suddenly I understood... I'm not the only being with these feeling sof being misplaced, of not being part of the "human" society and family.

If you're non-kin, what brought you here?
Well I'm kin but I'm here to make more friends, hopefully, in a safer and more private site. Tumblr has too many chances for trolls and bigots to have their fun.

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What name do you want to be referred to as?

Nic or Nicole is good.

What is your 'kin type?

The short answer is "anthropomorphic black panther" but 1) it's vague as well, 2) it implies an animal with human characteristics, which is inaccurate, and 3) people tend to take exception to my use of "black panther" as a descriptor. So the long answer is this: picture what appears to be a human crossbred with a melanistic jaguar. Biped (although I think it can also be quadruped), digitigrade, furred, sentient, articulate (but uses feline vocalizations as emotional expressions). Obviously, it's not something from earth. Which is part of the reason I prefer "black panther" over "melanistic jaguard/leopard" -- because it's not a jaguar or leopard.

How long have you been awakened?

I suppose that depends on your definition of awakened. I've known that I'm a human-shaped black feline for as long as I can remember. Certainly before puberty. But I didn't hear/see the word "Otherkin," or even learn of the concept of it, until Christmas day, 2009.

Describe your awakening experience.

Er... I'm not sure I really can? I don't know, it's just something I've always known, it's always been there, and I've always been aware of it. There've been times that I've pushed it away, but it always came back; I could never ignore it for long.

If you're non-kin, what brought you here?

N/A :)

So just a note, I'm doing a 30 day Otherkin/non-human challenge on my journal, if anyone wants to take a look. I'm only on day 1, but it should be at least a little bit interesting :)


Jul. 10th, 2012 06:37 pm
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Hello! I go by EponaLyre on here, but I usually go by Kodama. I'm a unicorn otherkin, and the owner of Otherkinsight. I heard Dreamwidth is a good site, so I decided to try it out. It does seem to have a high otherkin population, and seems to be more active than LJ, and perhaps friendlier than Tumblr...

I've been in the otherkin community for years (about 8), and have identified as non-human since I was a kid. I have been working on sorting myself out for years, and probably will never have exact answers, but I believe my soul to be unicorn. I'm also cicada-hearted, and have some very "animal" mentalities, which may or may not indicate a bit of psychological therianthropy of some sort.

I'm a singer-lyricist, and a writer as well. I'm also a college student, and will likely be returning from a long hiatus this fall, and taking online courses for now, as I have social issues.

I'm largely here to meet others, get advice, and make friends. Apologies for the short introduction!
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Hi everyone. I just started migrating to Dreamwidth today. I want to find out who else I know around here from elsewhere, and make some new friends, too.

I'm Orion Sandstorrm, dragon otherkin. I've been active in the otherkin and therianthrope communities for over ten years. My contributions to the communities include a therianthropic comic (Theri There) and a history book (Otherkin Timeline).

Who else do I know around here? And if we don't know each other yet, then please introduce yourself. I really do want to make more new friends. :)
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What name do you want to be referred to as?

Katherine or Wynn works. I answer to both.

What is your 'kin type?

I am an Irish pooka, with strong goat leanings.

How long have you been awakened?

I've always known I was different, but didn't put a name to it till the late 90s to mid-2ks. My discovery as a pooka happened rather abruptly probably sometime in 2003.

Describe your awakening experience.

As stated above, I've always been aware of my differences. I grew up in a very spiritual household. By that I mean my house was haunted/inhabited by various energy lifeforms. A talent for sensing the otherworld runs in my family on my father's side as well. I was never forced into a fixed religion, but permitted to form my own opinions. This, I feel, allowed me to exercise and improve my natural psychic abilities. I'd always been fascinated by faeries since first looking at Brian Froud's original Faeries book. The image of the pooka always stuck with me, even then. I met a few faeries, particularly Jenny Greenteeth when she tried to take a classmate down with her during a school trip to the local park. The park had a murky manmade lake that connected to the nearby brook, but the flow was just so that it allowed the water to become stagnant and algae-covered. No one else witnessed the near-steal (I don't think anyone else knew what to look for or how to look for it) so I never mentioned it. I never went near the lake unless I absolutely had to, having already felt her in it. Later in life, I gave her a silver coin as an offering and we've been neutral ever since.

When I did awaken, I was actually upset about it. During my grade school years and well into my high school career, I was teased and tormented pretty relentlessly by my peers. I didn't fit in and they were always sure to remind me of it. So when I realized just how different I was, I fought it at first. I'd already suffered so much for being different, including having poor health that left my body visibly affected. Yet, despite this, I never rejected it. I eventually came to embrace it, probably around the same time I realized I could exhibit some influence over the wind. That sealed it for me, I think. Now I love being a magical being, able to commune with nature and speak to the wind. I love that I can sense spirits and the unawakened souls of fellow kin. I've met and adventured with a large number of kin, including a large number of dragons, a kelpie, many angelics, and even a handful of demonics. My older sister is a water fae type with a strong affiliation for salt water; we've yet to pinpoint what kind she is, though. I know a lot of people don't think kinness can run in families, but it sure does with us! I suppose it makes more sense for fae blood to run in families since faeries often mated or took human babes to replenish their bloodlines. And being of the Isles helps, too. Heh.

I look forward to spending time here and getting to know others!
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Hi everyone :)

What name do you want to be referred to as?
You can call me Lexie.

What is your 'kin type?
My 'kin type is a form of fae. Somewhat similar to the Leanan Sidhe.

How long have you been awakened?
Technically my awakening proper started back in 1997. However I feel my re-awakening in 2005 is a closer reflection to where I am in life.

Describe your awakening experience.
If I had to choose a single word to describe it I would probably use bumpy.

I have always had a very strong connection with the fae but awakening itself was a gradual process. I started off with the feeling that there was more to the world and collecting everything I could on the paranormal through my early childhood. I found the online world in 1997 and started doing research through those sources as well.

I started identifying as fae back in 1999 through my exposure to the new age community. At the time I originally used the term elf. As my awakening progressed I eventually determined that I was not like elves as far as I could tell and took to the term fae. Eventually I fell into a period of repression for a few years as I tried to integrate the memories/experiences I had and come to terms with conflicting beliefs/information.

Things started to re-awaken for me a lot more forcefully around 2005-2006 and I've been continuing down that path since.


Feb. 27th, 2011 09:38 am
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Hallo =)  followed [personal profile] charcoalfeathers here. 

I'm Zahdi.  Intro questions:

What name do you want to be referred to as? Zahdi!

What is your 'kin type?  I call myself Sidhe, though I mostly consider myself a resident of Fae that is something tall, bright and shining. 

How long have you been awakened?  It's ongoing but it "started" in 2001

Describe your awakening experience.  "Are those wings?  Ow?  Ow!  Why do I feel things that aren't there?"

I think my otherkin identity is an important part of my overall identity, much as being female or American...  I hope to start to "come out" more often about it on the streets....  I have to a few strangers already and not gotten leers or anything.




Jun. 18th, 2009 09:13 pm
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What name do you want to be referred to as? I had been searching for my name for a long time, and I kind of like to call myself Jun but I feel more affinity to Ameno Sakura.

What is your 'kin type? Kitsune, though details on what kind I am are still sketchy. I most often describe myself as a black-furred, brown-eyed fox with four, silver-tipped tails; a silver blaze that goes up to just past the eyes with "branches" of the blaze covering the eyes and silver wings.

How long have you been awakened? Several years now, I keep it on the downlow for the most part and don't mention it unless someone else mentions Kitsune or other things related.

Describe your awakening experience. Well, it didn't really help that at the time I was heavily into playing Werewolf: The Apocalypse that I really started noticing that I wasn't exactly human. For years I had known that there was more to me than what I knew so of course I nosed around online and looked up different things. At first I thought I was a werewolf, but didn't quite feel connected, even though I love them, and kept looking around until I came across [livejournal.com profile] kitsune_realm and read up in the entries there. I felt, after reading information and other things on Kitsune, that I found what I truly felt was what described me. The only thing that didn't make sense was the wings sensation and I really can't quite place my paw on it.

So there I am in a nutshell, though I'm not really in one. :p Also, in case you didn't know, I'm very into anime and other things Japanese. I don't consider myself as an otaku or anything of the sort but I love Japan as a whole, not just its animation.
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Welcome to Otherkin! I'm Dragonwolf, your (usually) friendly moderator. I figured I'd start things out with an introduction of my own.

What name do you want to be referred to as? Dragonwolf is just fine.

What is your 'kin type? I am an Ulfhednar, a wolf-warrior of Odin. It's not as glamorous as it sounds, I assure you.

How long have you been awakened? Hmm...quite some time now. I think around 5 or 6 years?

Describe your awakening experience. Like many, mine was a process. I think I found one of the early incarnations of Therianthropy.org, and had found the Norse legends of the Berserkr (bear warrior) and Ulfhednar, in search of figuring out why I felt different. Something clicked with the Ulfhednar description and the rest, as they say, is history.

I plan on writing some entries to get things started here, that way the community isn't empty for newcomers, so be on the lookout for them!

I'm also terrible at tag creation. I have a few up, but it's nowhere near enough to really be useful. I also tend to think in hierarchies and objects, so a flat tagging system is kind of weird to me, which makes things more difficult. So, if you have tagging suggestions, please let me know what tags you want added.



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