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This is the September otherkin gather at Four Quarters Farm, the cousin of Walking the Thresholds (June). This website is intended to replace the old page at, so update your bookmarks/links.

They also have a tumblr:

(NB: I am not affiliated with this event, just happened to see this link going round my internet sphere. I've actually never managed to attend CtT for both general logistical reasons and the fact that several years it was scheduled the same weekend as my own MythiCalia.)
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There's now about 8 weeks left until the gather. Registration will go up from $45 per person to $55 per person on August 15! (Not for profit; just to help me recoup the cost of reserving the site.)

The more detailed schedule is beginning to shape up; you can see it here: The same topics mentioned earlier such as entering the mythic world, aspecting, seelie and unseelie courts, etc. are still there and some have been expanded on; also there have been a couple of additions such as a faery gate experiment and a possible scrying workshop.

A reminder that, though the official dates are Friday-Sunday, subject to availability you can also book one of the sites separately on Thursday night (if you are willing to pay the cost - there may also be someone to split with). I didn't book all the sites Thursday because I didn't think we'd use them, but I would be great to see more folks on Thursday.

So far we have 7 people registered and I think there will be 3 more soon (I have an email in my inbox I need to answer). I think we're up to 5 cars out of a limit of 16 (due to the site arrangements), so if you want to come, I encourage you to register as soon as you can to ensure a spot. It's OK if you can't pay right away when you register; so long as I *do* get the reg fee eventually it's all good.

Lastly, I've added an RSS feed for the news page: It's a tad primitive as I am hand-coding simple XML for it, but it seems to work, at least.
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I've been busy lately - working two jobs, moving, etc.  So I'd gotten a bit behind in updating the list of community events on AnOtherWiki.  I'm happy to say, though, that I've just updated it with every event I know of that's currently scheduled:

You can also view upcoming events in calendar format here:

If you know of more, don't hesitate to let me know - or, add them yourselves using the forms provided in the Gathers, Meetups, and Minigathers categories.

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 Dreamhaven is a new otherkin gather to be held in July 2012, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at Faehaven. The event is focused on the expression and exploration of our inner most kinship in a setting that has convenient access for all. The event will allow for a place of kin expression in a safe environment among other kin. The expression of your own kin will be combined with other kin at the gather and together we will explore the meanings of otherkin.

July 27th, 28th, 29th in Harrisburg, PA at Faehaven

This event is for all otherkin - regardless of species, experience, or self expression of any kind. The host and the entire event is completely inclusive. We welcome otherkin, therians, furries, all expressions of gender/sexuality, dark/light creatures of all sorts, humans, and anyone that is interested in exploring and expressing themselves within a safe space full of support and understanding. Faehaven is a sanctuary that welcomes all - this is a neutral zone - everyone is safe here. We can meet each other, support each other, teach and share our experiences in a safe place that has no right or wrong answers. We can play, discuss, explore, and express ourselves all weekend at Dreamhaven.

Although the event in itself is free flowing we have had a few individuals step up to guide workshops about various otherkin related discussions or activities. First of all rememeber that Faehaven encourages costuming by offering a costume closet, there will also be a play fire circle where everyone is encouraged to express themselves with music, drumming, dancing, spinning, hooping, story telling, singing, etc. There is also a divination station where you can choose to share divination items and everyone is encouraged to trade divination readings. There are two Trading spaces (Recycling Centers) where you can give away things that no longer serve you and trade for things that spark your interest now. One is outside and the other is inside for weather sensitive items. There will be a group hearth/alter both inside and out where you add a piece that represents you. Where as a group we can bring our energy together for support and community. Faehaven also provides space for those that choose to express themselves in a snuggle room (no sex but puppy piles are welcomed) and inside the sexuality realm that is in private and behind closed doors. Everyone is welcomed to make their own choices about where they particiapate at any given time during the event. No sexual pressure, only safe space to express it if you choose.

Please keep in mind that Faehaven is completely open to any other workshops/elements being added as desired.

=== Friday === (Playtime around Faehaven is encouraged in between things)

A theoretical discussion of why otherkin exist and what our purpose, if any, might be.

Dancing with the FireFlies- just as the sun is going down the fireflies come out to do a dance. We will dance with them with a lovely soundtrack of nature's transition and drumming. We will awaken our kin self from within, bring it forth and tuck away the mundane.

Group Meal

Fire Playground- let's play together, bring musical instruments, dancing gear, wear costumes, bring stories and songs, bring spinning toys, bubbles, and hoola hoops.

=== Saturday === (Playtime around Faehaven is encouraged in between things)

ReUse and Upcycle - Let's get our hands dirty and let's build something from "saved trash" to express our kinself. For some of this it would be wings, staff, a piece for an alter, ears, talisman, art, or whatever else you can dream of.

Afternoon Sweat - At the hight of the heated day those wishing to join us for an afternoon sweat are encouraged to join the group in a group movement where we use yoga and Tai Chi to flavor our movements in completely embodying our kin self. Expressing it together and even among each other and than later cooling off with a discussion about our experience.

Group Meal

Fire Playground Party - Come as you kin, play as your kin, and let's use all our tools.

Moonlight Howl - Come together to howl at the moon, flit about the garden and explore all the sights of darkness, offer light to our ancestors, and embody our kin self within the darkness.

=== Sunday ===(Playtime around Faehaven is encouraged in between things)

-Goodbye Discussion - Talk about what you took from the group, thank anyone that helped you, show appreciation for your experience, share hopes and joys.

-Plans for next year - Discussion of what and if we would want this or something else next year. Ideas and volunteers welcomed, let's create our own fantabulous time together.


Anyone is welcome to stay for a sweet ending on Sunday night that is completely random and playful. 

It is a smaller gathering, in the 20-30 people range. Attendance is $20 per person, which is being used to provide a meal plan of two hot meals on Friday and Saturday evenings. If you can't afford it, please contact us privately and we can offer a little work position like helping to clean up or prepare meals.
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Registration for this year's MythiCalia is open!

MythiCalia is a gathering for otherkin and similar mythical, majikal folk. All types of 'kin, such as elves, faeries, sidhe, unicorns, dragons, etc. are welcome, as well as the fey-touched or half-elven, and human "elf-friends" who are familiar with and friendly to otherkin. We also welcome therians, weres, or other animal-kin who share the mythic feel and spirit.

This year's gather will be held on September 28th-30th (with possibility of coming on the 27th) at a campsite near La Honda, California. The registration fee is $45 per person until August 15th and will go up to $55 per person afterwards.

Check out the website at for more details. Feel free to comment or PM me any questions. I hope to see you there!
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There’s been a lot of talk lately about the community needing a place to list gathers, mini-gathers, meetups. Something centralized, and that users can edit. Thing is, there already is such a place. A listing of upcoming events appears right on the front page of AnOtherWiki. I’ve been adding to it, regularly… I just added a new gather and a couple of new meetups to the list, making 9 gathers and 7 meetups that are currently listed. I’ll be adding more as I find them. You guys can too. It’s completely free to register, and any registered user can edit the wiki.
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It is with regret I must announce that this year's MythiCalia has been cancelled due to lack of registrations.
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Man, time has slipped away from me... there's now six weeks left to register and a bit over five weeks until rates will go up! (I encourage people to register as early as possible since handling last-minute reg panic in the last week while I'm trying to get ready is kind of hard...) As mentioned previously, I think it's likely MythiCalia will go on indefinite hiatus after this year, so, last orders, everyone!
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Registration for this year's MythiCalia is now open. See the website at for more details. After a little thought I've decided to offer different rates for single overnight ($20) and single day trip ($10) as well as the $40 rate for the entire weekend (Thursday through Monday, Sept. 22-26). I'm considering retiring the event after this year (depending on turnout), so if you've ever wanted to come, this could be your last chance!
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Just wanted to send an update/reminder about Feywood, in case anyone is in range... There's now about four or five weeks left to register for the gather. The schedule is filling out a bit and so far we are up to about ten people. While at this point I doubt I'm going to double that (as I'd originally hoped), every warm body helps in making "critical mass" occur, which makes things more fun for everyone! So if perchance you've merely been waffling, let me know if there's anything that might convince you... ;)

Website -
To join the mailing list -
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At this point things are looking a bit grim for the gather. I have received only two registration forms and neither of them has paid since mid-March (I just sent out some inquiry emails about that). Aside from that I've only gotten a couple expressions along the lines of "hm, maybe". Unless I can get some firm paid registrations I am probably going to have to cancel the gather due to lack of interest, which is sad because last summer it sounded like there was considerable enthusiasm (about 15-20 people expressed interest; I didn't expect them all, but I was hoping for 10-12). I don't know where they all went.

Anyway, if you want to come, please register ASAP to help prevent a cancellation. In the normal course of events registration should be open until July 14, but that was assuming I would get a steady (if smallish) stream coming in, and it's not doing that. :-/

More info at
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Feywood is a new otherkin gather that will be held for the first time this year. It will take place in southwestern Washington state on Thursday-Sunday, July 21-24.

All kinds are welcome, including therians and magically oriented non-kin who are friendly to the idea, although activities may not necessarily be geared to the interests of those sorts of folk. Generally the event is aimed at adults, but minors can attend if a parent or guardian is with them.

Cost per person is $36 for the full weekend. Reduced rates for fewer days and day-use (no overnight stay) are available. (There's no profit in this for me; it's merely to help recoup the reservation fee.)

Accomodations are mainly a shared bunkroom, but it's also possible to pitch a tent on the grounds (same cost). Everyone must bring their own food; this site has a full kitchen with refrigerator and stove.

The schedule is merely bare-bones at the moment. Anyone who comes is welcome to present a workshop or discussion on any topic that would be of interest to otherkin.

For more information, to join the mailing list, or to register, see the website:
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Just a quick note to say that the website for MythiCalia (gather in California Sept 23-26th) has changed slightly: Registration is still open; you can pre-reg until September 16th. :)

You might notice "gathers" in the plural in the URL there. Yes, that means there's another one in that directory: Feywood. That one will be taking place next July up in southwestern Washington.
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This year's MythiCalia will be held on September 23rd-26th (Thurs-Sun) at a location north of Mount Hamilton, a bit southeast of the San Francisco Bay area. Both tent camping and cabin spaces are available and we'll have a variety of workshops/discussions/etc. as well as time to just hang around. The reg fee for the whole event is $36 for tent or $66 for cabin space. You can check out the website at for more details or just email me any questions. I hope to see you there!


May. 10th, 2010 02:58 pm
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MythiCalia will exist this year! I've put the deposit down for the site and the contract thingy will be in the mail Real Soon Now. So mark your calendars for September 23rd-26th, 2010 (Thursday-Sunday). Registration will be open sometime in June. Because we just cannot sit still, it seems, we'll be at a different site again this year, this time a bit southeast of the SF Bay area (if we like the site, though, I hope to settle down and use it in the future as well). Read more... )



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