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What name do you want to be referred to as?

What is your 'kin type?
-I am trying to figure this one out mainly because my soul's bloodline is a combination of a few things due to how my soul was created. For the most part, the three things I identify as because of my creation is angelkin, vampyrkin, and blackcatkin or felinekin? These three things are very sacred to me because of my souls history

How long have you been awakened?
-For more than a few years now. I over the years found out my identities from a family relation in another realm in the spirit plane.

Describe your awakening experience.
-My awakening experience really and truly began years before my awakening time, I say this because the family relation I met was on a Ouija board. And it grew from there over the course of years discovering pieces because my mind was recovering from hospitalization for being thought mentally ill for having interactions with spirits. My vampyrkin-self unfolded through dreams of my past life, as well as my angelkin-self. I would astral dream to my soul home a lot. My felinekin is the self that shows the most. I often have a lot of kinfeels relation to these three and during my awakening it  felt so strange to realize that when it felt like I was laying on my wings for the first time, or my ears or tail moving, or when getting angered my phantom fangs would pop out, and the knowing that my eyes turn red when angry. And normally baby pink when not angered. The eye color is really a mental awareness. I am not trying to look special at all... I actually feel like a magical mess. These are things I feel and things that have shaped my spiritual beliefs. These kinselves made me who I am in this particular life. I just really want to go home where I feel I belong the most. I have these specific kintypes explained better on my page that it would probably make a bit more sense than what I put here. I wanted to just summarize things. So I fully and deeply apologize. 

I was led to this group by Sareth. :3



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