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What name do you want to be referred to as?

Katherine or Wynn works. I answer to both.

What is your 'kin type?

I am an Irish pooka, with strong goat leanings.

How long have you been awakened?

I've always known I was different, but didn't put a name to it till the late 90s to mid-2ks. My discovery as a pooka happened rather abruptly probably sometime in 2003.

Describe your awakening experience.

As stated above, I've always been aware of my differences. I grew up in a very spiritual household. By that I mean my house was haunted/inhabited by various energy lifeforms. A talent for sensing the otherworld runs in my family on my father's side as well. I was never forced into a fixed religion, but permitted to form my own opinions. This, I feel, allowed me to exercise and improve my natural psychic abilities. I'd always been fascinated by faeries since first looking at Brian Froud's original Faeries book. The image of the pooka always stuck with me, even then. I met a few faeries, particularly Jenny Greenteeth when she tried to take a classmate down with her during a school trip to the local park. The park had a murky manmade lake that connected to the nearby brook, but the flow was just so that it allowed the water to become stagnant and algae-covered. No one else witnessed the near-steal (I don't think anyone else knew what to look for or how to look for it) so I never mentioned it. I never went near the lake unless I absolutely had to, having already felt her in it. Later in life, I gave her a silver coin as an offering and we've been neutral ever since.

When I did awaken, I was actually upset about it. During my grade school years and well into my high school career, I was teased and tormented pretty relentlessly by my peers. I didn't fit in and they were always sure to remind me of it. So when I realized just how different I was, I fought it at first. I'd already suffered so much for being different, including having poor health that left my body visibly affected. Yet, despite this, I never rejected it. I eventually came to embrace it, probably around the same time I realized I could exhibit some influence over the wind. That sealed it for me, I think. Now I love being a magical being, able to commune with nature and speak to the wind. I love that I can sense spirits and the unawakened souls of fellow kin. I've met and adventured with a large number of kin, including a large number of dragons, a kelpie, many angelics, and even a handful of demonics. My older sister is a water fae type with a strong affiliation for salt water; we've yet to pinpoint what kind she is, though. I know a lot of people don't think kinness can run in families, but it sure does with us! I suppose it makes more sense for fae blood to run in families since faeries often mated or took human babes to replenish their bloodlines. And being of the Isles helps, too. Heh.

I look forward to spending time here and getting to know others!



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