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I'd like to announce two things myself and friends at Darkfang have done lately that may be of interest to people here:

Darkfang Archive

This is a curated database of otherkin, therianthropy and real vampirism sites, media and social spaces. It's partly inspired by otherkin.net and other older resource sites, and is trying to make an up-to-date solid online resource (it is not a wiki) that gives people a way to look into these things without problematic influences or needless dogma. It separates content by 'category', so elves have a page with specifically elven stuff, dragons have a page, fae have a page, etc. so it doesn't lump everyone in into some big 'otherkin' umbrella. It is designed for both desktop and mobile browsers.

It's currently in a 'preview' version, meaning it's unfinished, intended for feedback, and possibly buggy. Data submissions are welcome and greatly appreciated. We are also interested in mirroring old/defunct sites in the future with permission.


server: irc.esper.net
channel: #3lvz

Instant chat in your web browser

This is another IRC chat room. This time, it is exclusively for elven folk or those of an elven nature. Like with EDMC, it's an experimental thing. We felt it might be a good idea to make it elven-only to create a more tailored environment, rather than a place that just has the same people from other chat rooms and doesn't really get any directed or specific discussion.

Anyone who is curious about elves should go to EDMC instead, and elven folk are encouraged to use both channels.


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