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The March SF Bay Otherkin meetup has been cancelled. The next meetup is scheduled for Sunday, April 9th.
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The January SF Bay Otherkin meetup has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.
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The SF Bay Otherkin Meetup has been sending out our monthly event announcements through since September 2011. We will be moving to a privately hosted list after the September 10 meetup (to take place in San Jose, CA).

If you are interested in receiving these announcements, please sign up with your email address (no new account creation or "join with Facebook" nonsense required) at The meetup general info page is at If you let me know your email address, I can also send you an invitation.

I will continue to also post notifications on the group calendars on WestKin ( and Nor_Cal_Otherkin (

The main driver for this is that costs a minimum of $12 a month, more if paid month-to-month. For a large group with dozens attending every month that would be fine, but for a small group like ours I think that the same function can be gained mainly through regular email.
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The August meetup has been cancelled. Our next meet will be Saturday, September 10, in the south bay (location TBD).
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What name do you want to be referred to as?

You may call me Nick, for now. My name is frequently in flux, depending on my gender and where I am and who I'm around at any given time, but Nick is a good safe bet.

What is your 'kin type?

I'm both elf and therian. The particular flavour of therian I am is currently in question, due to some recent self-doubt, but I'm a canid and usually go with wolf (the other option is coyote, I'm having some unexpected trouble with identity). I'm hoping to find some people here who can help me find the right questions to ask myself in order to get this resolved, actually. My variety of elf is less Tolkien and more fae.

How long have you been awakened?
Describe your awakening experience.

I awakened in my very early teens, if not sooner, if I recall correctly, so...about ten years ago, give or take. I was in a LotR phase, and while I was searching for ways to decorate my room to look more elvish, I stumbled upon Elven Realities. I started browsing, and everything just made sense. I'd always, ever since I was a child, seen my ears as pointed in mirrors, and got into fights with classmates defending the idea that a person could be "an elf disguised as a human" or a werewolf who didn't change forms at the full moon, and I'd never felt quite right in my body, but I never thought to put it all together until then. I dove in headfirst, reading every article and journal I could, then quietly slipped out again once I felt more settled. It's only been recently, upon making friends with a delightful kitsune who's my first IRL 'kin friend, that I've felt the urge to return to the community as a whole.

As an added note, I'm also very interested in glamourbombing, although the glamourbombing community kind of went to a weird place a long time ago and I jumped ship when it became all random acts of kindness and sparkles.
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The November meetup in San Francisco has been cancelled due to a lack of RSVPs. Our next event will be on December 13th at a location yet to be decided in the southeast bay (quite likely Suju's in Fremont).
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Due to a lack of RSVPs for the September event, the SF Bay Otherkin meetup tomorrow in Oakland has been cancelled. Our next event is scheduled for Sunday, October 11, at a location yet to be determined in the south bay (ca. San Jose).
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I'd like to announce two things myself and friends at Darkfang have done lately that may be of interest to people here:

Darkfang Archive

This is a curated database of otherkin, therianthropy and real vampirism sites, media and social spaces. It's partly inspired by and other older resource sites, and is trying to make an up-to-date solid online resource (it is not a wiki) that gives people a way to look into these things without problematic influences or needless dogma. It separates content by 'category', so elves have a page with specifically elven stuff, dragons have a page, fae have a page, etc. so it doesn't lump everyone in into some big 'otherkin' umbrella. It is designed for both desktop and mobile browsers.

It's currently in a 'preview' version, meaning it's unfinished, intended for feedback, and possibly buggy. Data submissions are welcome and greatly appreciated. We are also interested in mirroring old/defunct sites in the future with permission.


channel: #3lvz

Instant chat in your web browser

This is another IRC chat room. This time, it is exclusively for elven folk or those of an elven nature. Like with EDMC, it's an experimental thing. We felt it might be a good idea to make it elven-only to create a more tailored environment, rather than a place that just has the same people from other chat rooms and doesn't really get any directed or specific discussion.

Anyone who is curious about elves should go to EDMC instead, and elven folk are encouraged to use both channels.


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Riiight, so after trying to start such a thing up with someone, I realise that a Telegram public chat isn't really possible, which is really lame... Sorry about that.
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Figured I'd do the rounds with advertising this thing...


I made my own public chat room (IRC channel), out of my dissatisfaction with many of the others out there, especially those oriented towards mythic types.


It’s called EDMC (Experimental Disposable Mythic Channel). As the name implies, it’s something I’m experimenting with. I don’t expect this to work, but I want to try.


Details on the chat are on the link below, including a link where you can chat instantly if you don't know how to use IRC:

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The meetup for October will be Sunday, October 12, in Menlo Park, CA. The event page is here, but I've recently changed the group settings to be a little more private, so you won't be able to see full information unless you are actually a member of the Meetup group. You can also PM me or email me at arethinn(at) for more details.
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As the subject line says, just some food for thought... a quote from a post from someone I follow on Tumblr.
What is the relationship between otherkin and roleplaying? Are otherkin just roleplayers?

As an otherkin I'm obviously going to ultimately say 'No'. However, this post will explore the finer details of the connection made between otherkin and roleplaying, in an effort to try and fully explain why otherkin are not all just a bunch of full-time roleplayers.

My brief comment: Of course I agree otherkin (generally) are not "just" roleplaying as elves, dragons, or whatever, despite what outsiders might often accuse us of "obviously" doing. However, I do think there can be value in roleplay as a tool for exploring e.g. a specific past/other life, or what values and/or actions you think express your "other" nature or mind, especially if you're new on the scene (so to speak).
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I'm sorry to announce that the June 8 meetup in Oakland has been cancelled. The July meetup in the south Bay, on Saturday, July 12, is tentative at this time because Celebron and I will be in Canada that day. It may be moved to July 5 or 19, moved in location, or cancelled entirely. Stay tuned.
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Orion Scribner is back from hiatus and working on otherkin projects again, including resuming updates to [ profile] otherkin_news. You can support their work by contributing to their Patreon here.
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[personal profile] enotsola and I were fortunate enough to get a hotel room at the DoubleTree for PantheaCon 2014 in San Jose, CA. This means that the Otherkin meetup that we've had there the past two years will be on again! Exact day and time TBD depending on the workshops [personal profile] enotsola and I want to attend, but it looks like we'll be able to do it either Friday afternoon or Saturday evening, or perhaps some time on both depending on how hospitable we feel. If you come, a few dollars donation for food/drink will be appreciated. Details will be updated here.


Nov. 21st, 2013 09:59 pm
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I originally wrote this for my personal blog, but I felt there might also be some benefit in cross posting this.

I hate to draw from role playing terms to describe real world phenomenon, largely because it can distract the issue and overall confuse matters. However the RP game changeling has a fascinating concept that I see rarely talked about that I have experienced and feel has at least some relation to the real thing. They call it banality.

Now banality as White Wolf describes it is effectively the antithesis of dreaming and creativity. In the game as a result of exposure to banality the character can receive damage and ill effects. With sufficiently high levels of banality it can even destroy the characters soul.

Now as with many things from White Wolf they are dramatized extremes, but there is something relatively similar. Unfortunately I don't have an effective word for it except mundaneness and that doesn't really convey the feeling very well. This similar experience can somewhat be summarized as the experience of being in such a different culture from your own that the dissonance it forms becomes destructive mentally, spiritually, or even physically(in the form of stress response) to the person.

More specifically than this is that I often experience this sensation while at work(I work in a very corporate/mundane environment). I find that it does seem to be correlative to some degree on how spiritually attuned or invested the people I am around are. As cliche as it is the more artistic/creative stuff going on in general the less I experience this as well. I also have found that it seems to have a broad impact on me and makes it more difficult to analyze.

Quite frankly though it seems quite difficult to escape banality or even to appropriately address it to recover appropriately. About the best thing I've managed in dealing with it is trying to keep the space I live in away from work as creative and sustaining as I can, but this is only effective in a limited capacity. More it just softens the blow a little.

Has anyone else experienced something along these lines? How would you describe your experiences with it? Finally if you do experience this, how do you address these issues in your life?

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This is the September otherkin gather at Four Quarters Farm, the cousin of Walking the Thresholds (June). This website is intended to replace the old page at, so update your bookmarks/links.

They also have a tumblr:

(NB: I am not affiliated with this event, just happened to see this link going round my internet sphere. I've actually never managed to attend CtT for both general logistical reasons and the fact that several years it was scheduled the same weekend as my own MythiCalia.)
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Been thinking a lot about glamourbombing lately. I've never been a big fan of how it's commonly practiced in the community, I largely agree with Rialian's old essay on the subject in which he states "It is a flash in the pan, a quick burst of sparkle, that the "average" mind forgets or associates with something else. It is not making something enduring. It is not opening gates to the Otherworld, and making the environment better."

Thing is, I've recently found that doesn't have to be the case. I've been exposed to the work of the Marauder Underground with the Ellis sigil, for instance, and I've been very impressed. They've written things on the subject of real, effective glamourbombing that I haven't seen done by the otherkin community in the entire time I've been part of it (starting May 1, 1999).

Because of this exposure, I wrote my own essay on effective glamourbombing: The Death and Rebirth of Glamourbombing.

So far, I've only gotten a few reactions on the LJ glamourbombing community and on tumblr. So, I thought I'd post here and see what people's reactions were.
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What name do you want to be referred to as?
Anja. It's my legal name too. c:

What is your 'kin type?
Like my username says, I'm horsekin. To be specific I am a Peruvian Paso. Like their name suggests they're a breed of domestic horse from Peru... Which sometimes makes me feel very off, since I'm from Switzerland.

How long have you been awakened?
I would say a few years... Maybe since mid-2011. 

Describe your awakening experience.
I have always felt something was "wrong" with me when people talked about being human, human society, humanity... And I've always felt much more comfortable and safer with animals that weren't human, and especially horses. Of course I never heard of therian or otherkin before... Until I made a tumblr to try and meet more English speaking equestrians. (The tumblr equestrian community is quite large!) And I happened upon a blogger who spoke about being a "horse therian", which led to me finding even more otherkin/therian activist blogs, and suddenly I understood... I'm not the only being with these feeling sof being misplaced, of not being part of the "human" society and family.

If you're non-kin, what brought you here?
Well I'm kin but I'm here to make more friends, hopefully, in a safer and more private site. Tumblr has too many chances for trolls and bigots to have their fun.



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